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 The Freelance Indie Score is a service provided to Independent Game Developers with projects on a tight budget. My name is Miles. I'm a score composer and a Multimedia Developer. Indie developers are my target market for the sole fact that, for many years, I myself have been in their shoes as a developer. Music is nothing like the rest of the game development process. To write good music, much like any art form, it takes years of experience in the field, which is not something every game developer can afford to do. Luckily, I started with music composing first, around 2007, when I got to know a few indie developers who were in need of music. Working with them and seeing the game come to life, inspired me to start pursuing game development myself. This is where The Freelance Indie Score comes in. As an independent developer, it may often be hard or even downright impossible to hire a union composer at union rates to write a full score for their project. There are many developers, including myself, who pull their entire projects as one man productions but when it comes to music, the lack of experience in music composing gained from years upon years of production practice compromises the quality of their game as they are left with using royalty free music, overused by hundreds of developers or trying to make whatever they can with the few open source resources they've can find. Good games demand good music and The Freelance Indie Score program is here to fill that gap.

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You can contact me directly by messaging me on facebook and I will message you back back within 24 hours. We'll discuss what you what you have in mind about your project and the music you are looking to have written for it. We will also come up with a suitable per-soundtrack rate for your game based on your budget.

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